Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Creeper Said WHAT?!?!?!?

One of the best parts of growing up in the 90's was watching some of the decades best pre-teen shows and from them, formulating the utterly perfect and practically impossible experiences that I would enjoy while I grew up . Boy Meets World convinced me that I would meet my best friend in 6th grade and that I would be able to seek advice from my neighbor and principal. The Fresh Prince led me to believe that regardless of the trouble I got into, a quick wit and rich Uncle woulld always rescue me. High school was going to revolve around friends and fun with tests few and far between as so perfectly demonstrated by Zack and the Gang.
These shows, along with many others, also planted the seed early on about one true loves. Zach and Kelly and Corey and Topanga were my role models and idols in regards to relationships. But alas, middle school, high school, and even college came and went without even a trace of a 90's like relationship. Although I am now finally in my first serious relationship, I learned a long time ago that love is rarely found in your 7th grade world history class. Maybe its taken me so long to find my current relationship because these shows never showed me what to do if I didnt meet and fall in love with Zack Morris. For example, what happened to Lisa Turtles love life?!?!?!

Social media and advancements in technology have obviously changed the way we meet and interact with people, especially in regards to dating. Most of us who remember these shows probably still hope and expect to meet someone the old fashioned way. But when that fails, online dating websites are now some of peoples most popular back up plans.

I tried one a few years back when I was living with my parents after graduating from college. I was in dire need of social interection with someone under the age of 30, as most of the residents on Amelia Island were well over the age of 50. Coupled with the "winking" and overwhelming amount of UF gator fans, I quickly deactivated my account. In hindsight, Florida probably wasnt the best place to begin my online dating search, where men think jean shorts are cool and that hair gel fixes any bad haircut. Beyond that, I couldnt believe what guys would say and then assume I should become immediately enamored with them. I cant remember specifics, but I thought I was just looking at the wrong population of men.

Until recently. A couple of good friends of mine recently decided to try online dating. In Georgia, where men wear flat front khakis and hair is free of gel. However, it seems as though, men can be creepy and weird anywhere. Does sitting in front of a computer give men less of a filter than being
in a dark bar after a few shots? It just might. As my friends continue their search, they have given me permission chronicle some of the completely ridiculous things men say in my new project:

Creeper Say WHAT?!?!?!

Talking with a new prospective date, my friend discussed one day learning how to play tennis. The creepers response, asking for a picture by saying "Haha-I want to see u lookin pro as a tennis star". CREEPER SAY WHAT?!?!!? This was also mentioned after he suggested they take a Beach trip together!! They havent even met!!

Around the same time, my other friend was getting asked "how flexible she was". CREEPER SAY WHAT?!?!?!

I was only given permission to write about this if I could one day write a highly successful book that would eventually allow us to retire to the beach. So keep the creepy stories coming...

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